Vendée Arctique : Message from on board - Day 6


We can almost feel dry land! Almost. Another hundred miles or so from the point of passage to the south-east of Iceland, where all the fleet will gather, as the race is neutralised until further notice. This is due to extreme conditions for those who are at the back, with winds reaching up to 60 knots. For us, it’s the sea that’s really horrible: head-on, impossible to be anywhere else than in the watch seat.

I think that the first part of this race wasn’t easy for anyone; each one of us had their share of difficulties. When the organisation gave us the information about the pit stop, we were relieved for our boats. It was like we were going to be butchered, with no way out. And it’s already the case for some.

We will be able to take shelter in a bay, on a mooring, and wait for the harsh weather to calm down. Catching an anchorage singlehandedly is a tricky manoeuvre on this type of boat. We’ll see what I prefer between that and going round in circles at sea, rather than risk breaking anything.

It’s a very strange feeling going through this gate, as if it was the end of the race when it’s not! The route back is still long, but stopping is a bit like having something taken away from us… We were surprised, as was the race organisation. I can’t wait to be on land, with my friends safe and sound, and find out more about the rest of the race. The first part was tough, committed and hard. We’ll see when we can go back to sea and do the second part!

                                                                                                                  Photo © Vincent Curutchet / Hublot