Vendée Arctique: Message from on board – Day 3


The conditions are more suited to writing a longer note! Since the start, this has been no picnic: it was tough at the beginning of the race and now, the wind has dropped to finish the warm-up leg.

This morning, I took the time to repair a few things, despite failing to repair the J2. It’s part of the offshore racing game! Sometimes you have to accept defeat and move on. I’m alone on board and some operations require several pairs of arms or to be in an area where the sea is flat. Never mind, I believe it’ll hold! At worst, I’ll be very high in range with a bigger sail or low in range with a smaller one.

This morning when I heard the rankings, it was pretty tough! With my south-western position in the fleet, I’m a great distance away from the gateway located south-east of Iceland, in relation to which the ranking is calculated. But that was my choice, my strategy from the start and when I see that Benj’ Dutreux isn’t too far, visually downwind of me, it’s reassuring! I’m glad I’m not all alone in this situation, which remains rather unpleasant… Tackling such a high pressure ridge is a good poker game! Or Russian roulette, your choice!

I’ve found my balance on board, between resting and nutrition, I feel on form and that’s good news seeing what’s coming up next, we must carry on. There should be two options up to the far north, it’ll be really interesting! Meanwhile, we have to work with these very mild conditions to make progress. And we mustn’t delay, because once we get up there, the fight will be on!