Vendée Arctique: Message from on board – Day 3


It was cold and foggy this morning on board of
Hublot. I even had to do my first engine-charge as there wasn’t enough sun for the solar panels to charge the batteries. It’s fairly quiet since the wind has picked up, with a jibe to head for the gateway, to the east of Iceland.

I’m getting back on track! I was feeling a bit down with this western option… Will it pay off or not? For the moment, I’m under the impression that I’ll manage to salvage something, although the head of the fleet is very far away. But it’s far away for everyone!

What’s next on the agenda? A pony ride after jibing, under my little magic sail. If the wind gets tighter, we’ll have to hold on to the top of the range with my J2 that isn’t in top shape.

That’s often the game when you buy a second hand boat; you use the former owner’s sails until the end, before buying a new set of sails. A set of sails is quite personal: we all have our ideas and habits… Just to say that I’m glad we’re not going to go into 40 knots (if not more) upwind sailing around Iceland!

Illustration picture © Vincent Curutchet / Hublot