Vendée Arctique - Les Sables d’Olonne: Rankings - 6/13 – 7 AM


First lively night on board of Hublot! “Wild boar conditions” in which Alan attempts to find his pace, while adjusting his position to tackle the high pressure bubble that’ll block the fleet this evening…

After speeding along all night in 20-25 knots of wind, it’s time to be strategic! While some competitors have chosen a shorter, but less windy, route north, Alan and the other foilers went further south, to have a better angle and favour speed. A difference that disturbs the general ranking, established in distance to finish.

Hublot and her skipper should curve their trajectory towards the north today and the pace should slow down, before tackling the high pressure ridge tonight. The next night promises to be complicated, with very light wind conditions…

▪️  21st
 ▪️ 19 knots
▪️ 38.1 miles away from the leader 
 ▪️ 3,460.1 miles from the finish

Audio received monday morning

 “The start went really well, we had pretty good conditions at the beginning. It was really great, perfect to get into the race from the start. It was awesome. A bit tricky to find a rhythm, the conditions last night were “wild boar” conditions with a strong wind and heavy sea. The boat was going really, really well, I nibbled on carrots because boiling water was complicated! I managed to sleep 20 minutes, which is good enough! As for the strategy, the next part promises to be complex, we must find a mouse hole… but I won’t reveal the solution now!”

Photo © Jean-Marie Liot / Aléa