Guyader Bermudes 1 000 Race: Message from on board – Day 5


Friday 13
th May 2022

Spain in sight! I tacked this morning, heading for Brest! It won’t be a direct route, but it’s good for the morale because these last 24 hours haven’t been much fun. Upwind, upwind and more upwind! Just like on the Fastnet last summer: ‘nice’ last two races for the boat!...

I know that these aren’t the best conditions for the boat, they never were, but I didn’t think I’d do so much upwind sailing on such a short race. It wasn’t the first experience I’d dreamed of, but at least I know what I need to work on for me and the boat.

There are 23 knots of wind, the sea isn’t great, but it’s okay. I’m trying to find the right pace, I spend my time adjusting, trying to put in any extra performance. There are still a few miles left to play with, although it’s tough to see the daggerboard boats being more comfortable.

It’s good training, I take what I can. I’m learning and understanding the boat more and more. I stay positive about all of this… But I can’t wait to sail downwind in the trade winds!!!

Photo © Vincent Curutchet / Hublot