Guyader Bermudes 1 000 Race: Message from on board – Day 2


Tuesday 10
th May 2022

I’m really happy to write you a few lines from the boat. I couldn’t write earlier, what with the race start, a night sailing 30 metres away from the other IMOCAS and a hefty sail up to the Fastnet. I didn’t get any rest either before last night, which goes to show how intense the start of the race was! Or maybe I was waiting for my “favourite” conditions to write… going upwind!

The route is great but unfortunately there aren’t many strategic choices to make. We’re in Figaro mode, all in a line, it’s about pure speed. In light winds, upwind, my boat hasn’t got the advantage and I don’t have all the keys to counter this “weak” point yet. So I strive to sail neatly and attack as soon as I can when the wind picks up.

I’m in my own game, with some great phases on board Hublot. I’m really enjoying sailing, getting back into the swing of things, and racing again. And, it’s so nice to be dry, and warm, to carry out manoeuvres. I spend my time in the column, searching for fine tunings to improve my performance. Searching, finding, learning, it’s all new to me. I have to learn to sail this boat single-handedly, to control her too, because when she takes off, it’s quite something! Now I understand why there’s a safety belt on the watch seat: yesterday, I almost went flying across the boat! We were zipping along at 28-30 knots and WHAM! Hublot stopped short and crashed into a wave. It was like being rugby-tackled!

The sea isn’t very neat, a bit like my cockpit! I’m between the living area and the cockpit, with a stunning view on my mess… It’s amazing the mess you can make when you do a manoeuvre!

Image d'illustration © Christophe Breschi / Hublot