Guyader Bermudes 1 000 Race : Day 5


Fifth day of racing aboard Hublot in the Guyader Bermuda 1000 Race.

"We are just a few miles from tacking towards La Coruña after nearly 300 miles of upwind sailing. And we're going to do another 300 miles of upwind sailing to the finish!

It's hard on the man and the boat as these she hasn't been made for this conditions at all. That's the way it is, we're trying to make it work!

It's not easy to accept but we're doing our best. I don't sleep anymore, I'm on the go, no nap... We've just hit a piece of wood. That's it, we'll deal with it.

Otherwise everything is going well on board, it's a bit of a war at Cape Finisterre as always, it's going to start to clamour as soon as we turn into the middle of the gulf and then we'll try to play the strategy!"