Guyader Bermudes 1 000 Race : Report - 9 May 2022 - 11 AM


A long first night solo-sailing on board of Hublot, in the mist making it impossible to see the boat’s bow: “I didn’t get a wink of sleep all night, crossing other boats 30 metres away, it was tough!”

After catching up with almost half of the fleet last night, after starting in the second part, Alan’s fears were confirmed in far too mild conditions that made him lose positions again: “I’m not really where I’d like to be, but without a spinnaker, in such light winds, with a boat that doesn’t enjoy this, it’s not that bad. And we’ve still got a long way to go! I’m pleased to be enjoying myself on the boat, I’ve done lots of great moves, I’m getting good thrills… I feel great on board!” The first goal has been reached, after less than 24 hours in the race, for the skipper who hadn’t raced for over a year, happy to be quickly regaining his reflexes.

Alan and Hublot should hit some more favourable winds this afternoon, more sustained and at a more open angle. Will this let them exploit their full potential?

▪️ 16th
▪️ 11,6 knots 
▪️ 100,2 nautic miles from the leader 
▪️  1 137,7 nautic miles from the finish line


Photo © Christophe Breschi / Hublot